Roxana Ice: Extra Laser Hair Removal

Roxana is an engineered system that has the power to create high-power laser pulses with wavelengths of 808 and 755 nm, to eliminate and reduce hair loss. In this system, for the first time, Surface Dyouid technology has been used to improve the pattern and uniformize the shape of the output energy. High-speed performance, effective and painless, has made Roxana the most cost-effective option for removing excess hair. The system of laser of Roxana   is 50% faster than its similar systems and can be injected with the Rapid system with less energy into the hair roots. This will have a very high effect on bright, thin hair. The result of the treatment is fast, painless, safe and permanent, suitable for skin types 1 to 5.

advantages of Roxana Ice

The newest technology Dayud laser : Roxana has been developed based on the new Surface Emitter technology. Supports from two separate handles: Roxana has the ability to launch 808 and 755 nm handles (Alexandrite). Perfect shape of the pulse: Roxana ensures a uniformly shaped pulse shape; it injects a steady amount of energy per millisecond and a linear warming of the hair. Simple user: Roxana has a 12-inch color screen with placement of symbols, simple and simple icons and icons, makes it easy for the user to apply settings and at the same time provides all the values ​​required for setting up the user. A very powerful combination coolant: Roxana, using a combination of water cooler and semiconductor cooling system, can, in addition to increasing the life of the laser, ensure the comfort and painlessness of the treatment. System of RAPID : Roxana, by providing a 15-Hz frequency in RAPID mode, maintains the average injection of energy in the lower-power shot at the best of the follicle target. Roxana ICE