cluster diode technology:

sense provides the synergistic benefits of three wavelengths for eliminating redundant hair , each targeting a different construct in the hair strand . The three main objectives are called Bulge, hair, and Papilla. The actual combination of the three wavelengths with the core power maintenance i.e. 808 nm , enables clinicians to achieve better performance and higher coverage by simultaneously achieving the different Anatomical depths of the hair , better efficiency and higher coverage . This is the first time such comprehensive treatment can be performed only with a single Applicator. The increasing pulse technology of this technology is capable of transmitting the high energy level with the highest influence in sensitive areas of the body and the lowest in pain to the depth of the skin by maintaining the energy transfer route at high powers. By heating the temperature, it creates a temperature that effectively harms the hair and prevents the recurrence. It is done to prevent damage to the surrounding tissue due to the rapid acceleration of short pulses and the high transmission of energy to the depth of the motor, and overall performance is defined above the high power and the effective and painless therapeutic heat. This technology is more effective compared to other laser – shaped technologies, which is more effective and do not interfere with the dark skin of any complications. Rootsense combines the benefits of each three wave as a fabric of a fabric and gives the excellent results of each single wave at the same time with the other waves. The incremental pulse technique is a novel technique that specifically targets the small and sensitive areas of the body with dark skin ( under the armpit, bikini )
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