Services after sales Roxanamed

We believe that service of after-sales is very important. If after-sales service is done properly, customer satisfaction will be met. The subject of after-sales service is a national mission for domestic manufacturing companies to begin with a full-fledged development culture in the process of distributing services by acting in their sales and purchasing tasks against consumers. In this regard, in order to provide better services to customers for goods requiring after-sales service, once the customer’s contact with the company and the request for the provision of services, immediately contacted the experts of the after-sales service unit and transferred to the problem of the problem in a manner Telephone, presence at the customer’s premises or at the company’s premises (depending on the type of problem) and solves the problem in the shortest possible time.

Recalls the features and steps of after-sales service:

  • Support
  • Customer Tracking
  • Fix their needs
  • Accuracy and attention to their concern or discomfort and fix it
  • Provide correct and accountable answer
  • Reminding customers and caring for their satisfaction
  • Listen to customer suggestions
  • Ensure product quality
  • Availability to the end with the customer