• Sparx (plasma jet) plasma device

    Plasma is a the pseudo-neutral gas from Charged particles that offers collective behavior. In other words, it can be said that the term plasma is called ionized gas, in which all or a significant portion of its atoms has lost one or more electrons and has become positive ions. Or a highly ionized gas whose free electrons are approximately equal to the number of positive ions it is called plasma. The airborne Plarox in the GAP space (a distinct gap between the handpiece needles and the tissue to be treated) makes ionization and produces microplasma and sublimation. In this method, are not used from the blade and the cut , and in fact the skin or fat is not removed, but by using the plasma, the surface layer of the sublimation of the skin (directly from the solid into gas), which causes the layers of the skin to accumulate.
  • Sparx Fractional micro-plasma is a technology based on sparx- plasma low-power   that generates a bunch of multiple micro channels for fractional thermal damage in a region. With the use of fractional technology, a large number of micro-plasma evaporation takes place at the exact distance between the applicator and the surface of the tissue. These drains are usually a type of channeling, in the form of flow or spark. The discharge energy is determined by the output power and time of each spark, so for each treatment case and working area, a pattern with these two parameters is considered.

    What is the use of this system in what cases?

    This technology is beneficial for rejuvenating, eliminating wrinkles, improving skin consistency, improving acne scars, stretch marking and combination treatments with other ablative methods.

    Therapeutic intervals

    The best results will be achieved between three to five sessions at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks. After each treatment, the skin will be red in the form of a sunburn. Therapeutic intervals will vary depending on the amount of treatment and the depth of treatment. Significant results will be seen within 3 months of treatment, and collagen repair lasts for up to 6 months.
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