With the entrance of carbon dioxide into the tissue, hemoglobin releases oxygen to carbon dioxide due to its greater tendency to carbon dioxide. This causes a high concentration of oxygen in the tissues, which ultimately leads to increased blood flow, new capillaries, and increased rehabilitation and the further production of collagen vases in the same place. In the adipose tissue, the mechanism of carbon dioxide is different. As carbon dioxide, by causing damage from pressure and shock, degrades fat cells and then increases blood flow to the veins, causing chickenpox to increase in the body and better fats.The system has two carbon dioxide gas reservoirs (one active tank and one reserve) that is controlled by the controller system and controlled by the user's speed and volume. Carbon dioxide gas is fed through a thin needle to Injured under the skin. The eyelids are swollen in the eyelid after injection, but after 10 minutes the gas is absorbed and the appearance of the individual becomes normal. There is little pain in the scars and skin cracks. For the treatment of cellulite and local fat tissue, as more gas is injected, a feeling of tension and pressure in the stomach is felt, and there is a feeling of warmth and tingling for 24 hours due to increased blood flow.Category: Original equipment, Carboxytherapy Tag: Carbo Plus, buy Carboxytherapy Device, Carboxytherapy Device, price ​​carboxytherapy device, ​carboxytherapy device, carboxytherapy device for Slimming Abdominal, Carboxytherapy Hair Head