Sparx Plasma is the first complete revolutionary, fractional and revolutionary plasma fusion technique that replaces the fractional laser and RF fractional laser technology, and is an enormous innovation in plasma technology. The Sparx plasma is a safe and non-toxic method, which will be available with very little investment due to the great effectiveness it has.

Face and body rejuvenation with Sparx

The first manufacturer of the Sparx Flexible Plasma Machine

Hiro’s technical development engineering company, the world’s first manufacturer of the world-class Sparx plasma cutting machine, is one of the most important concerns of beauty physicians, given the many benefits and wide-ranging applications in the field of beauty. And clinics. Comes with this article to get to know the exact type and function of the sparx plasma machine.

A New Concept in Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics

The use of plasma energy is a new concept in antipyretic and aesthetic medicine, and since it has been introduced in the field of aesthetics, many studies have been done to examine the effects of collagen synthesis that may explain long-term outcomes. .

The new product, known as the “Sparx”, “Plasma Matrix”, “Fractional Plasma” and “Plasma”, is a fractional of the popularity of its users and practitioners, with many fans, it’s safe to face and body areas with plasma energy. It influences the ideal power settings of the device and is a golden solution for maximally stimulating collagen synthesis.

Plasma matrix and skin regeneration

In the first and generally, restoration of the skin of the plasma is not a laser method, pulsed light or radio frequency. Plasma skin restoration using thermal energy. Lidocaine gel or anesthetizing gel for stomach acne is used before starting to work. Thermal energy is transmitted to the skin during treatment and is uniformly absorbed. Collagen and elastin are unbelievable in the area of ​​regeneration, and new and healthy tissue will eventually replace wrinkled and damaged tissue.

Sparx fractional Plasma Working Method

Fractional Tlthe Sparx Plasma medical device is a super-advanced device that allows the ionization of gas in the air and is associated with the production of plasma. The power level controls the depth of energy penetration in the tissue, while the frequency surface will control the degree of heat damage. Therefore, it is possible to control the frequency of thermal damage and the risk of hyperpigmentation.

During the use of the Sparx fractional Medical Center, the needle plasma column is controlled and subjected to a point-to-point application to the surface of the skin using a fractional method. In principle, the air is between the mittel and the ionised skin surface and small arches.

Tissues are treated with a fractional plasma device

Using Sparx’s plasma, tissues are treated sublimate and will largely prevent the warming of the space around each column. The heat spreads deep into the epidermis and the papillary layer containing fibroblastic cells. The result of this process is the contraction and tightening of the skin cells, which improves the symptoms of aging, wounds, and so on.

Features of the Sparx fractional Plasma System

مزایای فنی دستگاه پلاسما فرکشنال Sparx

Compared to RF Frequency

In the RF RF, energy penetrates the epidermis, so you can not cure wrinkles and scar problems in the dermis. Also, the needles do not come into contact with the surface of the skin to apply energy.

Compared to Fractional Lasers

The investment of this system is much lower than lasers and can often cover their applications with lower risk for the user and the patient.

Compared to conventional plasma

Normal plasma weakness is a weak orientation and decentralization of the radiation point, which requires long treatment. The energy control and the depth of treatment are difficult, and the distance between the points is irrelevant and with human error.