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Laser diode Roxana Novel

Laser diode Roxana Novel

The Roxana Novel Laser Diode Laser System (Laser Dayud Fiberglass Copel Roxana), a low-light handpiece and a very high lifetime laser module, is the most cost-effective system for removing excess hair.

The system has the power to create high-power laser pulses at 808 nm in order to eliminate and reduce hair loss. In this system, for the first time, the fiber-optic dual-core technology has been used to extend the life of the module, as well as to light the handpiece. High-speed performance, effective and painless, has made Roxana the most cost-effective option for removing excess hair.

This system with a frequency of 20 Hz is twice as fast as its one-of-a-kind systems, which will have a very high impact on bright, thin hair.

The result of the treatment is fast, painless, safe and permanent, suitable for skin types 1 to 5

Roxana Hair Laser supremacy

Diode Fiber Copal Technology: Roxana has been developed based on the new Diode Fiber Copel Laser Technology.

Ideal Pulse Form: Roxana ensures a completely square and uniform pulse shape; it injects a steady amount of energy per millisecond and linear hair warming.

Simple user: Roxana has a 12-inch color screen with placemarks, simple and simple icons and icons, makes it easy for the user to apply settings and at the same time provides all the values ​​required for setting up the user.

Very Powerful Combination Coolant: Using a combination of water cooler and semiconductor cooling system, Roxana can ensure the comfort and painlessness of the treatment in addition to increasing the life of the laser.

​​Super fast shot: Roxana performs the best on the follicle by providing a frequency of 20 Hz, maintaining the average energy injection in lower-power shot.


Laser diode Roxana Novel

The purpose of laser hair waste is to destroy excess cells in the root or onions of hair, which, in order to achieve this, must first target the hair melanin (pigment) adjacent to the onion hair, also called “chromophore”. Laser firing, the thermal energy released from the laser is absorbed by chromophore or melanin after passing through the surface of the skin, causing a very high temperature to occur, so that the wave propagation of this high heat to the “target” or “siebel” “Which is the same bulb or hair onion

Transmitted and all active germ cells in the root of the hair, due to this heat, die from cell death and destroyed. The result of these actions and reactions will ultimately be the lack of growth of a number of hair following each laser session.

The ideal time to laser hair is the prematurely anagen phase. When the hair is in the ” prematurely anagen” growth stage, the best and most desirable result can be achieved in reducing and eliminating the greatest number of laser hair waste.

Roxana Novel Laser Diode Specifications & Characteristics

Roxana Novel